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Strathcona County looking for input from food businesses

Strathcona County is seeking input from local businesses on its agriculture and food strategy. 

A survey is now available and local restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and grocers to complete. The survey tackles questions about the importance of locally sourced food and if the county is offering enough options to purchase such food. 

“Strathcona County is working on an agriculture and food structure development strategy to ensure we are an ideal location for agriculture and food business opportunities,” said Stephanie Bubinskiy, an economic officer with the county. “The strategy will help the county attract investment in agriculture and food production.” 

The county began engaging with members of the agriculture and food business sector back in March. They say that businesses will continue to have opportunities to talk with the county to provide feedback on recommendations. 

In June, the project team attended local farmers markets to engage with residents and to gather feedback. During this, residents were asked to complete two surveys to help inform the county on how to proceed with engagement. 

“The strategy is expected to be completed by mid-2024,” said Bubinskiy. “It will be informed by public engagement, an industry review, other county and regional planning documents, and financial and budget considerations.”

“It’s really getting that engagement to understand how food business and people within the community see this strategy.” 
The survey will be available until September 28 and can be taken here.

Strathcona Food Survey

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