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Lamont County charity golf tournament raises $25,000 for local programs

The Lamont County Reeve’s 10th Annual Charity Golf Tournament was a resounding success.

Golfers descended upon the Whitetail Crossing Golf Course last month and helped raise $25,000 for the local food bank, school breakfast programs, local libraries, and mental health initiatives within the county.

“The golf tournament this year was very successful,” said David Diduck, the Lamont County Reeve. “We received great support from industry, surrounding municipalities, and local golfers.”

The money raised has been sent to the proper places already. Diduck says that they wanted to raise money for these specific programs because the County understands how much residents rely on them.

“The reason we chose the food bank is, of course, there is more need for the food bank now,” said Diduck. “Libraries are always important in the community.”

Despite being smaller than some of the surrounding communities, Diduck says he is ecstatic about the amount of support the tournament received.

“It’s just great support from the community,” said Diduck. “We don’t have a lot of industrial players in our municipality but the ones that we do have truly stepped forward and supported as did a lot of companies and businesses outside of the municipality.”

“I would also like to say thank you to the Lamont County staff for organizing this thing.”

The event is expected to return next summer.

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