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Fort Saskatchewan Youth Council looking for new members

Fort Saskatchewan’s Youth Council has been making changes in the community for years, and they’re looking for new members.

“I was hoping to include youth more in decision making,” said Ava Bendick, a 15-year-old student at Fort High who has been a part of Youth Council for a year and a half. “Like how the city should come together and do things for youth, such as safe places and different parks. This is stuff that youth want to see in the community.”

“That’s why we’re here as a youth council, to help the youth reach their voice to city council.”

Youth Council is quite involved in community initiatives, getting involved with the policing committee and the urban forest project.

“We see different council members doing their jobs and learn from them. Councillor Abitoye comes in and tells us all the stuff going on in council, and you can see everything going on in the city from a different perspective,” added Bendick.

“When you’re on Youth Council, you see all these people and how the city intertwines like a puzzle, and it all just comes together and matters so much.”

Seberus Delaney, another member of Youth Council, added that youth council helps them pursue their passion for the environment.

“People leave trash everywhere, and it’s really bad for both the environment and everything else, because the place is just beautiful. There are these little happy chemicals when you’re in nature. Being out in nature is much better for your mental health and wellbeing,” said Delaney.

“There isn’t much reason for youth to go out anymore, and I think that’s something important we should work on, to drive people to go outside more. We do a lot of work within in the city, and if anyone want to be a bigger part of the city itself, this is something they would want to look into.”

Those interested in joining Youth Council can check out their page on the City of Fort Saskatchewan website here.

Seberus Delaney and Ava Bendick.