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ASIRT concludes investigation into line-of-duty deaths

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) has finished an investigation into the deaths of a civilian and two police officers.

On March 16, two officers with the Edmonton Police Service (EPS), Constable Brett Ryan and Constable Travis Jordan, were killed in the line of duty during an interaction with members of the public.

During this incident, one civilian was killed, and another was injured. This prompted ASIRT to investigate the circumstances that lead to the deaths.

ASIRT’s role is to ensure an independent assessment of EPS’ investigation. The specific focus of the review is to see if the use of force was justified.

After receiving all evidence, ASIRT has determined that the two officers who lost their lives had acted lawfully.

ASIRT concluded that the officers did not engage in any use of force or any action that caused harm to the civilians.

The investigation took into account witness statements, physical evidence from the scene, autopsy reports, police transmissions, and the firearms of the officers and the civilian.

Constable Brett Ryan and Travis Jordan.