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Alberta announces $10 million in funding for food banks and community organizations

The provincial government has announced that they’ll be providing $10 million in funding for food banks and community organizations across Alberta.

Of this funding, $3.7 million will be going towards food banks this month.

$900,000 of this funding has already been given to the Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta for food security grants and shelters.

On top of this, $4.1 million will be used towards food security grants.

Applications will open this month to organizations that promote food security, with Food Banks Alberta getting $2.2 million to develop a program to help serve the needs of food banks during natural disasters.

This comes as food bank officials all across Alberta are serving a record number of clients.

Between 2020 and 2022, the province allocated $16 million to food security.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.
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