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Edmonton police report decrease in shootings throughout October

Edmonton Police Service have reported a decrease of shootings in October compared to last year.

Throughout the month, there were a total of 13 reported shootings. 10 of these shootings are believed to be targeted, with 7 resulting in injuries.

However, 11 of these 13 shootings had the potential for innocent bystanders to be harmed.

“This threat to public safety remains an ongoing concern for us and is the reason we will continue to actively work to reduce gun violence on our streets,” said Staff Sergeant Eric Steward.

Compared to 2022, this month’s shootings were down by 19 per cent.

However, there have been 193 shootings reported throughout the entire year, which is a 46 per cent increase over last year.

Throughout 2023 so far, police in Edmonton have seized 787 guns.

Edmonton Police.