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BGC Fort Saskatchewan to host youth talent show

Time to let those talents shine at the Boys and Girls Club of Fort Saskatchewan’s, all-time first, youth talent show on December 5 at 6:00 p.m. 

If you – or talented people you know – are between 11 and 17 years old and want to hop up onto the stage and express yourself, here’s your shot. 

“It’ll be a really cool experience and you’ll have the opportunity to win some awesome prizes,” said Bailey Innocent, the youth and program coordinator for the BGC Fort Saskatchewan. 

Those prizes include, “tickets to West Edmonton Water Park … and then gift card prizes, [and] movie tickets.” 

“Everyone’s welcome to come and compete regardless of whatever talents they got, whether that’s guitar, or dance, or a comedy act.”  

“It can be anything!” Innocent proclaimed. 

“The reason behind why we’re doing the talent show is to encourage and support youth. Some of the youth we work with directly, but [other] youth in the community, to recognize the talents and the gifts that they have and empower them in that and I guess recognise what they’re good at.” 

The cut off to sign up is November 24, because there will be an audition and rehearsal process ahead of the talent show. 

“It’ll be at Fort Alliance [Church] just because they have all the fancy lights and sound system and everything,” 

If this sounds like something you’d like to join, you can fill out this webform, or call Innocent directly at 780-992-0103 ext. 308. 

Fort Sask Alliance Church is located at 9935 93 Ave