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Fort Saskatchewan astronaut taking mission to International Space Station

An astronaut born in Fort Saskatchewan is making a trip for the International Space Station.

Joshua Kutryk has been assigned for a six-month mission to the International Space Station in 2025.

Kutryk was born in Fort Saskatchewan where he attended St. John XXIII Catholic School before moving to Cold Lake to work with the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Back in 2017 he was chosen out of 3,772 applicants as one of the newest members of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). He graduated the basic astronaut training course three years later.

In preparation, Kutryk has been training rigorously, as being in space takes a toll on the human body.

“It’s like aging in fast-forward,” he explained. “Your bones lose their structure and their mass, you lose muscle mass, there are neurological effects, there are heart effects, there’s really the full gambit.”

Kutryk is the CSA’s 13th astronaut, and this will be his first mission in space.

Joshua Kutryk.
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