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Strathcona County considers introducing Remembrance Day crosswalk

Some Remembrance Day themed crosswalks could be making their way into Strathcona County.

During the council meeting on November 28, Ward 1 Councillor Robert Parks brought forward the idea to create a report for a Remembrance Day crosswalk.

The report is expected to return to council in March to discuss cost estimates and a location for the crosswalk.

If everything goes according to plan, the crosswalk could be installed before next year’s Remembrance Day.

“Remembrance Day 2024 will mark 110 years since the beginning of the First World War in 1914. It becomes more important to find new ways to start conversations about and pay tribute to those who have served and who sacrifices offer us true freedom to this very day,” Parks outlined in the meeting.

The motion was unanimously supported by other councillors, with Mayor Rod Frank saying it would be a fitting memorial.

Ward 8 Councillor Katie Berghofer added that she’d like to see the crosswalk close to the cenotaph at county hall.

Remembrance Day 2023.
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