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Here’s what food prices have gone up this year

Food prices have been on the rise according to a report by Statistics Canada.

The report was published on Tuesday and showed that food prices have risen by 4.7 per cent year-over-year in December, which was the same increase seen the month before.

Compared to the same time the year before, foods that have gone up the most includes fruit juice (17.5 per cent), edible oils (12.8 per cent), and frozen vegetables (11.4 per cent).

Compared to the month before, certain food costs have gone down, such as pasta, chicken, and beef. However, compared year-over-year all of these products have actually gone up in price.

There is one food item that’s gone down overall – bananas. Compared to the same time the year before, the cost of bananas have gone down by 2.4 per cent.

Other products went down year-over-year but not month-to-month, such as lettuce, which went down by 21.7 per cent.

You can read the Consumer Price Index report on the Statistics Canada website here.

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