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Honours program arrives at Rudolph Hennig Junior High

An honours program has come to Rudolph Hennig Junior High this year.

This program is the first of its kind for a junior high school in Fort Saskatchewan, with principal Greg Cruickshank saying that this will help benefit the schools students.

“It allows for a bit deeper exploration of the content, and one big component is that students have a mandatory volunteer project they have to do in an area they have a passion, and they also have to complete a passion project by the end of the year,” said Cruickshank.

The criteria for the honour program is needing 80 per cent or better in all four core subjects, and also agreeing to commit to the volunteer project.

“If you meet those criteria, and you understand you have these projects to do, then you’re automatically approved to be a part of the program.”

One student who has been enjoying the honours program is 8th Grader Kate Sadownyk, who has a passion for science, gym, and construction.

“My parents were sent an e-mail that said I was able to apply to the program, and we had some talks on if it would benefit me,” said Sadownyk. “I’ve always worked really hard in school, so I was excited to have a different experience in the classroom.”

“It’s pushed me to be better. Everyone pushes each other to meet our goals.”

Sadownyk said that after school she hopes to join a career in optimology.

“I’ve really enjoyed spending time here. Everyone is really great. The staff, the students, and the honours program has just really been a great opportunity for me.”

Greg Cruickshank and Kate Sadownyk.
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