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St. Albert 18-year-old pleads guilty to choking, hitting unconscious girl

An 18-year-old man from St Albert has received his sentencing after choking out his friend while drinking at her house.

The assault happened back in September when Keegan Ross and his two friends were drinking at the victim’s home. An argument broke out which ended when Ross hit the victim, climbed on top of her, and strangled her until she fell unconscious.

Although she was passed out, Ross continued to hit the victim and pull on her hair, eventually being pulled off by the victim’s grandfather.

The Crown was looking to give Ross 90 days of house arrest followed by 12 months of probation, but Ross’ lawyer suggested that his remorse, age, and lack of prior convictions should lead to a lighter sentence.

Justice Clifton Purvis sentenced Ross to 12 months of probation without house arrest, saying that Ross’ guilty plea early in the investigation contributed to the sentence.

During the trial Ross mentioned that he was prepared to move to avoid contact with the victim.

Judge Gavel.
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