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St. Albert council looking to bring public transit in-house

St. Albert city council is debating bringing public transit in-house once the city’s contract runs out with PW Transit.

St. Albert Transit began back in the 80s, and every year since then the city has outsourced transit to private companies. As of now the city is only responsible with purchasing and maintaining the buses while planning routes.

As for the PW Transit, they’re responsible for hiring, training, and scheduling drivers, and administrative work like dispatching and payroll. According to the city, these services came at a cost of over $8 million.

However, certain councilors believe that if the city took care of transit services itself, they could save a substantial amount of money.

Whether or not the city decides to move forward with bringing transit services in-house, their contract with PW Transit does not end until 2028.

Photo: Provided by St. Albert Transit.

St. Albert Transit.
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