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Environment Canada issues fog advisory

Environment Canada has issued a fog advisory for Wednesday (Jan. 7) night.

According to Environment Canada, dense fog will return bringing near zero visibility. On top of that, areas of freezing drizzle are expected, which will could to slippery surfaces.

The fog is expected to lift throughout Thursday, but until then travel is expected to be hazardous.

Environment Canada recommends that drivers slow down, watch for tail lights, and always be prepared to stop.

You can keep up to date with the fog advisory by reading our forecast here.

Jasper wildfire. courtesy of yegwave and yycwave on Instagram

Flames reached Jasper townsite

The evacuation of 25,000 people from Jasper National Park proved crucial as flames reached the Jasper townsite last evening, impacting multiple buildings, confirmed by Parks Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced federal military assistance in response to the wildfires...