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Strathcona County and Sherwood Park Crusaders Announce Arena Funding Agreement

Strathcona County and the Sherwood Park Crusaders of the British Columbia Hockey League have announced an agreement to fund a new arena and events centre.

The $86 million dollar facility will include a four-sheet, ice-rink arena and have seating capacity for 2,500 spectators in the main arena.

In a news release, the county said that over 20 years, it will provide the land and $990,000 per year to support the operations and maintenance of the facility. The county will also make an equity investment. At the end of the agreement, the Crusaders will return the equity investment of $4 million to the county.

In return, the Cru’ will provide 2,430 hours of prime ice time to the county each year

“Entering into this type of partnership opens up possibilities,” Mayor Rod Frank is quoted saying in the news release. “It’s innovative and a win-win for all. We support a private-public longstanding organization that has been important to the development of sport and young people. Our community gains with substantial additional ice and event time for families, without the county taking on a large capital outlay or posing greater tax impact. We appreciate the Crusaders will continue to provide exciting hockey entertainment for local fans and visitors to enjoy, right here in Strathcona County.”

“It has been a pleasure to work with the County over the past several years on our shared vision of a new facility,” said Ryan Maxwell of the Crusaders.

“The Crusaders have proudly represented Sherwood Park and Strathcona County since 1978 and will look forward to many more years supporting local sports with our ice commitment back to the county. Beyond the sports, it’s exciting to think of the top tier events and concerts this facility will attract for the community as a whole. We appreciate the mayor and council as well as county administration for all their support in this exciting project.”

The county said the Crusaders will announce more details on the deal.

The Crusaders and four other now-former Alberta Junior Hockey League teams jumped to the newly independent BCHL after the AJHL cancelled their remaining games once news of those teams planning to enter the BCHL next season became public.

Below: Image from Sherwood Park Crusaders twitter page.