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Edmonton police lay 43 charges related to 3D printed guns

Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has charged an Edmonton man as part of a national investigation into 3D printed firearms called Project Reproduction.

In early 2023, EPS were notified of an Edmonton man purchasing parts specifically for 3D printed firearms. According to police, these parts were bought from a supplier in Montreal.

On June 20, 2023, police executed search warrants at the residence of 29-year-old Roy Tucker, which led to the seizure of:

  • A large commercial-grade 3D printer and firearm blueprints
  • Devices that contained illegal computer code to print firearms frames/receivers
  • Three loaded handguns
  • A homemade suppressor
  • 16 privately manufactured Glock-style handguns
  • A steel privately manufactured firearm
  • 27 high-capacity magazines
  • Two prohibited semi-automatic firearms (believed to have been smuggled into the country from the United States)

Tucker was charged on February 13 with 43 firearms-related charges, including 13 counts of firearms trafficking.

“3D printed firearms are not new; however, this is the first significant seizure of them in the Edmonton area and the second largest seizure part of Project Reproduction in Western Canada,” said Staff Sergeant Eric Stewart with the EPS.

Project Reproduction was initiated by the Quebec Provincial Police.

Guns seized by police.