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Edmonton City Hall entering next phase of re-opening

Edmonton City Hall has announced that, starting Monday, they’ll be entering the next phase of their re-opening.

City hall closed down back in January following an incident where a man entered the building with a gun and firebombs before firing off rounds and throwing a Molotov cocktail which started a small fire.

In the first phase of re-opening, city hall allowed access for City Council, accredited members of the media, and some City Hall employees.

However, this new phase now allows all City of Edmonton staff and even private event guests to return to the building, with guests needing to undergo security screening.

“City Hall is the people’s building and moving to the next phase of re-opening is a welcome step,” said Andre Corbould, city manager. “It is our priority that City Hall be open and accessible to Edmontonians while balancing a safe, secure and welcoming environment.”

The City of Edmonton mentioned that the parkade at City Hall will still be reserved for authorized users only.

Although the building remains closed to the general public, the city is working on their next phase, which includes new security protocols to help bring the public back into Council Chambers.

The suspect in the shooting at city hall remains in custody leading up to his court date.

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