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Provincial government proposing legislation to bring in ankle bracelets, provincial police

The provincial government sent out a release proposing a provincial ankle bracelet monitoring program.

The release was sent out on Wednesday, with the province claiming that this legislation would hold high-risk offenders accountable while either out on bail or serving a community sentence.

“The federal government’s bail policies are failing to keep people safe. We are taking an important step toward combatting rising crime, creating safer streets and neighbourhoods and protecting our communities. Ankle bracelet electronic monitoring is another tool in the toolbox for courts to hold high-risk and repeat offenders accountable for their actions while out on bail,” said Mike Ellis, minister of public safety and emergency services.

Currently those who are subject to court conditions and bail supervision are monitored by Correctional Services staff during regular business hours. However, these ankle bracelets would allow for 24/7 digital monitoring.

The provincial government has allocated over $5 million from last year’s budget into electronic monitoring. Several jurisdictions throughout Canada already use ankle bracelet technologies as well.

Another part of the Public Safety Statutes Amendment Act would involve bringing in a provincial police force. However, this doesn’t mean that Alberta is ditching the RCMP. Instead, these new police would work alongside the RCMP in the province.

There was no mention on when a provincial police force could be implemented, or where the money to implement this police force would come from.

The bill was passed in its first reading, which took place on Wednesday afternoon.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.