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Alberta government investing $10 million to strengthen women’s shelters

The provincial government is looking to distribute $10 million over the next four years to strengthen women’s shelters across the province.

In Alberta alone thousands of women seek help from women’s shelters every year. In recent years, these shelters have faced an ever-increasing demand and capacity challenges.

Right now, the province is putting $5 million into women’s shelters across 17 Alberta communities. If Budget 2024 is passed, there would be another $5 million rolled out over the next three years.

“Vulnerable women and children should always have a safe place to turn. By delivering on our election promise to women’s shelters, our government is helping keep more Alberta families safe, and empowering survivors’ healing journeys,” said Searle Turton, minister of children and family services.

This investment would also bring 104 beds to shelters across the province, notably at Eileen’s Place, the Banff YWCA, and at shelters in Whitecourt.

The province also added that they would be using this funding to help meet high demand in rural areas.

“Our members are grateful Alberta’s government is delivering on its funding commitment with a significant investment up front, as well as providing more flexibility for women’s shelters to better address survivors’ needs,” said Jan Reimer, CEO with the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters.

Finally, the province will also be making changes to women’s shelter grant agreements, with these changes coming into effect at the start of April.

Every year the province invests over $55 million in annual funding for women’s shelters, with 3,500 adults and 2,750 children being admitted to women’s shelters last year alone.

Albertans can get 24/7 support through the Family Violence Info Line at 1-780-310-1818.