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St. Albert brings mural to Fowler Athletic Park

The City of St. Albert has announced that a new public art piece will be installed at Fowler Athletic Park.

This new mural, created by local artist Kalina Hanson, will be installed on vinyl alongside 137 feet of wall next to the park’s running track.

“Many of the characters on the mural are inspired by people in my life,” said Hanson. “For instance, one of the characters is directly inspired by my best friend, one is a loose depiction of myself as a kid, while others are totally made-up characters that exist only in my imagination!”

The mural also features recognizable St. Albert landmarks with abstract undertones and themes of fantasy. The installation will be installed at some point in May and left on display for around seven years.

Fowler Athletic Park is located at 63 Winston Churchill Avenue and hosts athletes, students, and community members alike.

You can read more about St. Albert’s Art in Public Places program on their website.

St. Albert Mural.
Fort Saskatchewan Public Library.

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