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Earth Day events in the area

With today marking earth day, the international day of environmental protection, there are several events going on in the area.

In Edmonton there are several events going on throughout the city. The Sherbrooke Community League is hosting a garbage challenge.

This event involves residents collecting bags of garbage and posting these images to the league, which would enter residents in for a draw to win some Earth Day inspired gift cards.

Edmonton’s City Arts Centre also has a community clean-up of their own, with an hour of cleaning up garbage at Garneau Park, before a big kids play date at the Garneau School’s playground.

In St. Albert, there’s an event going on Thursday at the St. Albert Family Resource Centre with an event helping kids discover and learn about the history and impact of Earth Day.

Although some events are going on today, and others later in the week, some Earth Day events went on over the weekend.

In Strathcona County, the library teamed up with Family and Community Services, the Family Resource Network, and the county to bring an event to North Cooking Lake Hall on Sunday.

This event features gardeners and wildlife presenters there to teach kids about how they can be stewards for the Earth.

As for Fort Saskatchewan, although there was no formal Earth Day event, Fort Saskatchewan Disc Golf spent Sunday cleaning up Legacy Park before playing a few rounds of disc golf in temporary baskets.

Earth Day began in 1970, with this years theme being “Planet vs. Plastics”.

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