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Alberta Municipalities concerned over proposed Bill 20

Alberta Municipalities, which represents cities, towns, and villages throughout the province, have expressed their concerns over the proposed Bill 20.

This bill would grant the provincial government the ability to remove councilors and overturn bylaws. According to the province, this would ensure that municipalities don’t bring in policies that are out of line with Alberta’s priorities.

However, Tyler Gandam, president of Alberta Municipalities, said that members are worried about the repercussions of disagreeing with the provincial government.

“Alberta Municipalities is concerned that the bill will intimidate and even silence legally elected officials who dare to criticize the provincial government,” Gandem said to reporters, adding that the possibility of elected officials being removed for any reason is deeply unsettling.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith spoke about the bill on Monday, saying that they would be using it sparingly.

This bill would also allow political parties to run in municipal elections, with corporations and unions being able to donate.

Bill 20 was tabled just weeks after the provincial government announced other legislation that would allow them to vet any deals between the federal government and Alberta municipalities.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.
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