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Strathcona County offering rebate on rain barrels

From now until Autumn, Strathcona County is offering a rebate when residents purchase a rain barrel.

Rain barrels can help residents save on their water bills and help plants stay hydrated, as watering lawns and gardens accounts for 40 per cent of water use during the warmer months.

“Using rain barrels to collect rainwater is an idea whose time has come again,” wrote the county on its website. “In the past we may have considered water to be an inexpensive resource in plentiful supply. We can no longer afford this attitude.”

Other advantages of using rain barrels includes conserving natural resources, decreasing water supply demand, and reducing the amount of water going to sewers.

Even more so, the county will be offering a $20 rebate on all rain barrels, no matter where they were purchased from.

The county also offers rain barrel tips, such as making sure it’s childproof, has an overflow directing away from the house foundation, and making sure its drained before the winter.

Residents can apply for a rebate on the Strathcona County website, with a limit of one rain barrel rebate per household per year.

These rebates are also given on a first-come, first-served basis.

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