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Bruderheim museum named after community leader

Bruderheim’s museum is getting some new upgrades alongside their new name.

The museum, previously called Walker School, is now known as the Dennis Maschmeyer Museum, honouring the community leader who had passed away earlier this year.

The Maschmeyer’s are one of the most notable families in Bruderheim, with Dennis’ wife Karol having Bruderheim’s indoor arena named after her.

Their granddaughter Emerance is also a well-known figure in the community, being named Bruderheim’s ‘Golden Girl’, having a street named after her in town due to her career as an Olympian.

Before Dennis’ passing, he was asked what he did during his life. Dennis responded to the question with “What didn’t I do!”

As for the museum named after him, the Maschmeyer family also provided $15,000 towards upgrades for the building, including new meeting rooms and program space.

This donation will also allow the Bruderheim Agricultural Society to start applying for provincial grants with a total near $100,000.

Dennis Maschmeyer.
London Drugs by Ldmediaservices via CC BY 3.0.

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