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Four Calgary murders linked to American serial killer

Four historical homicides have been linked to a prolific American serial killer, according to Alberta RCMP.

In a news conference on Friday, police spoke about how they believe that Gary Allen Srery had killed Eva Dvorak, Patricia McQueen, Melissa Rehorek, and Barbara MacLean, back in the 1970s

Eva and Patricia, both 14, were friends who attended school together in Calgary. The two girls were last seen walking together in downtown Calgary on Valentine’s Day 1976. The next day they were found dead under the Happy Valley Overpass.

Melissa, 20, was working as a housekeeper and living at the YWCA after relocating from Ontario. She was last seen on September 15, 1976, by her roommate, with her intending on hitchhiking out of the city. She was found the following morning in a ditch on what is now Township Road 252.

Barbara, 19, was an employee at a local bank after having moved from Nova Scotia. She was last seen on February 25, 1977, leaving the Highlander Hotel bar in Calgary. Barbara’s body was found just six hours later.

Police initially believed that Barbara and Melissa were killed by the same suspect, although they exhausted all means in identifying a suspect.

Police were finally able to confirm that the same suspect was behind both murders in 2003 with the advancement of DNA analysis technology.

Using Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG), police began working alongside Child Protective Services, which led them to Srery.

Police were able to confirm that Srery was known for an extensive criminal record including rape, kidnapping, and burglary. He also fled the United States in 1974 after posting bail for a rape charge.

The RCMP also discovered that Srery lived under aliases in Calgary during the time of the murders, using names like Willy Blackman and Rex Long. He was also known to change his appearance and to work under the table.

He had been deported back into the United States in 2003, with him dying in an Idaho prison in 2011. With no family, his body was buried behind the prison he died in.

Police believe that there may be more victims, living and dead, and are looking for the public’s help in establishing Srery’s timeline in Canada.

Anyone who may have known Gary Srery is asked to contact the Alberta RCMP Historical Crime Unit by calling 780-509-3306.

Gary Allen Srery.