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Funding deal reached between St. Albert, Alberta Health Services

The City of St. Albert have signed a new contract with Alberta Health Services (AHS), with the city set to receive more funding from the provincial government.

This new 30-month contract will see the city receive an additional $600,000 every year to fund their emergency services. The contract also mentions a committee being created to discuss service delivery.

Negotiations on this new contract have been going on since 2023, with the process being lengthy following a lack of progress and the division of AHS.

Just earlier this year the city was also told that there will be no extension in this new contract, with the contract running out in September 2026.

While the additional $600,000 will bring the total annual funding for emergency services to about $3.4 million, the operating budget for the service is closer to $5.2 million.

AHS was created back in 2008 to consolidate the work done by regional health authorities, with St. Albert having contracts with the service since 2009.

An AHS Ambulance.
Jasper wildfire. courtesy of yegwave and yycwave on Instagram

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