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Fort Saskatchewan residents support proposed aquatics facility

Residents of Fort Saskatchewan have expressed strong support for the proposed aquatics facility, according to the 2024 Municipal Census.  Of those who responded to the aquatics facility question, 69.7% expressed their support.

“I’m delighted that so many of our residents took part in the Census and shared their opinions on the proposed aquatics facility,” said Mayor Gale Katchur. “This high level of engagement demonstrates the community’s vested interest in shaping the future of Fort Saskatchewan. It’s a significant project, and ensuring the community’s voice was heard was vital for City Council.”

The results of the Aquatics Facility Survey will be discussed by City Council on June 25. The results will help inform future decisions regarding the proposed new aquatic facility.

The 2024 Municipal Census achieved a “remarkable” 99.7% participation rate.  There were 6393 votes in favour of the aquatics facility, 2774 opposed, and 1273 did not respond.

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