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Drumheller man impersonates police officer, gets arrested by real ones

A Drumheller man will be answering to a charge of impersonating a police officer when he appears in court on July 12.

Police say a motorist was driving their Honda Accord on Highway 9 west of Drumheller Wednesday morning when a black Jeep Patriot fitted with blue and red flashing lights came up behind their vehicle and followed closely.

The driver of the Accord slowed down as if to pull over and—rightly—surmised that the vehicle following was indeed not a police vehicle—what self-respecting police force would issue its officers Jeep Patriots?—then continued driving and called the real police.

When the pseudo-cop realized that he was being reported to the genuine police, he propelled his Jeep past the Accord at a speed estimated in excess of 150 km/h.  There was no word whether the Jeep was spewing oil, pieces of differential, connecting rods, or bits of rusty body panels from travelling at such a speed.

Police located the Patriot on Highway 9 near Drumheller, stopped the vehicle, and arrested the driver without incident.

Cory Clark, 43, was charged with:

  • Use equipment to impersonate a police officer;
  • Dangerous Operation of a motor vehicle;
  • Breach of probation;
  • Stunting;
  • Drive motor vehicle with unlawful flashing lamps; and
  • Possession of contraband cigarettes.

Clark was released from custody on a $500 Promise to Pay Release Order.

When they said “if you can’t beat them, join them,” this is not what they meant!

Definitely not the Jeep from Drumheller