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Shooting numbers down in Edmonton

EPS investigated 11 shooting occurrences in Edmonton over the month of June, a decrease of 16 from the year prior.

Of the 11 reported shootings, nine are believed to be targeted, and eight resulted in injuries. In five of the 11 shootings, there was potential for innocent bystanders to be harmed. There were two deaths as a result of the shooting occurrences.

In June 2023 there were 27 shootings, recording a year-over-year decrease of 59%. Year to date, shootings continue to decrease and are down 35% when compared to the same timeframe in 2023.

“The recent expansion of the EPS Guns and Gangs Strategy has resulted in the addition of several resources to our Guns and Gangs Section, including doubling both our Firearms Investigation Unit and Gang Suppression Teams. Over the past year we have also increased resources in our EDGE (Edmonton Drug and Gang Enforcement) Section,” says Staff Sergeant Eric Stewart, with the EPS Guns and Gangs Section. “The investigators on these teams are second to none, and I have no doubt the reduction in gun violence we’ve seen across our city reflects their work.”

Police seized 87 firearms in June, and 419 overall in 2024. This time last year, 587 firearms were seized in the same time period.

EPS Officer.
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