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EPS chief loses bid to fire officer who stole cash and cigarettes

Edmonton’s police chief has lost a ruling where they were looking to fire an officer who was caught stealing cash, gift cards, and cigarettes while on duty.

Constable David Alhstrom was charged in 2017 for three counts of theft after he allegedly took $300 from a homicide scene.

Later, as part of an ASIRT integrity test, Alhstrom took $25, two $50 gift cards, $88 in cash, and cigarettes.

Ahlstrom pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months’ probation and ordered to pay $400 to the victims.

The officer was also charged with 10 counts of misconduct, which included neglect of duty, corrupt practice, deceit, and insubordination. Alhstrom pleaded guilty to all counts.

After being charged, Alhstrom appealed the decision, which led to him being allowed to return to work, albeit at a reduced rank.

Police Chief Dale McFee tried to have this appeal overturned. However, despite the attempt to overturn, the appeal bid was lost.

Because of this, Alhstrom will be permitted to return to work as an officer with the Edmonton Police Service at the rank of Constable 4th Year.

EPS Chief Dale McFee