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Fort Saskatchewan Multicultural Association raises thousands through back-to-school fundraiser

The Fort Saskatchewan Multicultural Association (FSMA) raised thousands to help give kids the school supplies they need.

Throughout the summer, the FSMA held a back-to-school fundraiser, taking in cash donations and school supplies such as backpacks and water bottles.

Lana Santana, founder of the FSMA, said that this was their biggest fundraiser so far, raising about $2,700 in total.

“This year has almost triples in requests and support,” said Santana. “The support from the community was overwhelming and tremendous. We’re so happy they see the value in what we’re doing.”

Several businesses in Fort Saskatchewan helped with the fundraiser, including Freson Bros., who spearheaded the fundraiser and hosted hotdog sales to help raise funds.

“There was an outpour of support and love. There are no words to emphasize the gratitude we feel,” added Santana. “Seeing the look on the faces of the children when they came to pick up their new backpacks. Those images don’t go away.”

“We feel happy that we can help people who are in need and deserving of this kind of support.”

In total, 102 students received supplies through the fundraiser.