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Smith’s UCP government set to deliver throne speech

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s United Conservative government is set to get back to business today, with the delivery of a thrown speech to signal the provincial government’s priorities for this first session of the 31st legislature.

It’s expected the UCP will introduce legislation to limit future Alberta government’s ability to raise business or personal taxes without a referendum

Government house leader Joseph Schow said there will be between seven and nine bills in the sitting.

The government will also set a framework for a referendum on an exit from the Canada Pension Plan.

This is the first legislative session of the latest Smith government, which came to power in an election on May 29th.

The first sitting is scheduled to run until early December 7th.

The opposition New Democrats, meanwhile, released a shadow throne speech. In their altrernate vision for the province, the NDP calls for the government to address the high costs of auto insurance, electricity, and tuition. The NDP also calls for the government to focus their efforts upon the housing crisis.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.