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Fort Saskatchewan looking for public input on Urban Agriculture Plan

The City of Fort Saskatchewan has released a survey to get public input on their Urban Agriculture Plan.

Some of the questions in the survey ask if you ever thought about growing food in the city, what Urban Agriculture means to you, and why its important to have Urban Agriculture in Fort Saskatchewan?

What is Urban Agriculture? It’s the cultivation, processing, and distribution of food in and around a city. This includes growing plants, raising livestock, and is typically used for personal consumption.

Examples of urban agriculture include urban chickens, green roofs, hydroponics, and more.

“Our city is surrounded by agricultural lands and also home to agriculture lands in the north and south parts of the city,” wrote the City of Fort Saskatchewan in a release. “Agriculture is one of the prime industries in the region and the region is home to some of the world’s best agricultural lands.”

You can take the survey yourself on the City of Fort Saskatchewan’s website.

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