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Emergency scam suspect wanted by RCMP

The RCMP is looking for a suspect involved in a scam from earlier this week.

According to police, the scammer arrived at a Lamont home and a county residence, where he claimed to be collecting bail money for a relative who was in police custody.

Police describe the suspect as a white man who stands at around five foot six inches tall and drives a white sedan.

This is part of a rise in Emergency Scams, which involves the scammer creating a sense of urgency to cloud the victim’s judgement. Usually, this is through pretending to be a judge, police officer, or bail collector.

The RCMP is reminding people that bail is only paid in person at a jail or court, and to never send money to anyone they don’t know. If someone claims to be a police officer or judge, call that detachment to confirm the situation.

Police added that they will never ask for money, and neither will the courts. If you find yourself the victim of an Emergency Scam, get in contact with your local police detachment.

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