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Environment Canada issues extreme cold warning for the area

Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold warning for Alberta’s industrial heartland.

This comes as daytime highs over the weekend will be getting as cold as -30°C, with nighttime lows reaching as cold as -40°C.

“We have an arctic air mass over the Northwest Territories that will be settling South over the next few days,” said Eric Van Lochem, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. “It’s going to bring some of the coldest temperatures we’ve seen in many years.”

Van Lochem added that, with the wind chill, we’ll see the temperature feel closer to -50°C at certain times.

“This will be the coldest temperature Edmonton has seen in 52 years, going back to 1972.”

Although the El Nino climate event led to a mild start to the winter, it’s too early to say if we’ll see a return to the mild winter weather.

“It’s not unusual to get cold blasts in an otherwise mild winter, so it’s an open question.”

In the meantime, Van Lochem suggests that you avoid going outside as much as possible, and if you need to, to cover all levels of exposed skin.

Check with Environment Canada for up to date weather forecasts for Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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