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Strathcona County firefighters battle golf club blaze in extreme cold

Firefighters in Strathcona County dealt with a fire at the Northern Bear Golf Club over the weekend.

On Saturday morning, crews arrived and began working quickly to attack the fire.

In a post made to the Strathcona County Fire Fighter/Paramedics Facebook page, it was reported that firefighters dealt with several issues due to the extreme cold.

“Crews battled frozen hoses, couplings and pumps in order to get water on the fire,” Wrote the Facebook page. “Despite our best attempts to keep our trucks ready for the cold weather, the temperatures we see during these cold snaps can result in all kinds of failures with water appliances.”

Crews remained on the scene after the blaze to monitor hot spots, with the cause of the fire still under investigation.

Photo: Supplied by Strathcona County Fire Fighter/Paramedics Facebook page.

Northern Bear Golf Club.
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