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Fort Saskatchewan Residents, Mayor, Honour Jump-Starting Good Samaritan Scott Hourie

While a mid-January cold snap may have drained the batteries of many unsuspecting motorists across the Prairies, in Fort Saskatchewan the selfless actions of some folks to get their neighbours back on the road not only boosted batteries, but spirits.

That’s why a Fort Saskatchewan woman named Jeannine Tisor wanted to recognize the actions of Scott Hourie in particular. After Hourie helped Tisor get her vehicle running, Tisor saw Hourie continue to give his time to dozens of others in the community.

“He boosted me, I was on my way to work [on Friday], and then I just kept seeing his posts. Then, he came back on Sunday to help boost me again in the afternoon so I could go run some errands with my friends,” Tisor said.

“His generosity of taking time out of his weekend, and his football watching time, to not just help me a couple of times, but I’m sure he helped so many other people to get to work so they can make their bills, like single moms, seniors, people for appointments,” Tisor said.

Hourie went on to boost 85 people he met on Facebook that weekend, and an additional half dozen folks he met on the roadside.

That selflessness inspired Tisor to donate to the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank on Hourie’s behalf.

“It was supposed to be just me telling Scott to come down to the Co-op, and I would make a donation of $100 myself,” Tisor said. That’s when she learned of an anonymous donor offering a $500 donation.

Tisor decided to organize a wider recognition ceremony in honour of Hourie, gathering signatures from people touched by Houries good deeds, calling North Central Co-op management for clearance, and inviting representatives from the community including Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank, and Fort Saskatchewan Mayor Gale Katchur.

“We are honoured to have been a part of today! Scott Hourie is an amazing individual and a wonderful community builder who deserved this special recognition for his good deeds,” the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank wrote on Facebook.

Mayor Katchur presented Hourie with a signed commendation from her office, which Fort Saskatchewan calls the Good Neighbour recognition certificate.

The Fort Saskatchewan Good Neighbour recognition certificate presented to Scott Hourie in honour of his good deeds boosting dozens of frozen car batteries over the mid-January Arctic blast. (Mayor Katchur | Facebook)

Hourie first caught Mayor Katchur’s attention on Facebook with his selflessness to boost dead batteries for anyone from neighbour to stranger. “‘Wow, this is one tremendous person,'” Katchur recalls thinking.

“Scott is just a real hero in our community,” Katchur said. “I think it’s always a reminder to people, that that is what our community is all about.”

“It’s because of people like Scott, and the other people in our community, that’s what creates that small town feel. It doesn’t matter how big you get, if you can have heart and soul, our community will continue to aspire to that,” Katchur said.

Hourie’s example of selflessness has inspired Tisor to remain involved in the community.

“This is my first ever grand gesture, doing something like this,” Tisor said. “It felt good, so I want to do more now. I want to try to make this a monthly thing from now on, to give back to the community, just because of Scott.”

“He went out, 15 hours a day … and it’s just the simplest things that you can do that create a huge impact on someone’s life,” Tisor said.

Thanks to Hourie’s selfless example of paying it forward, a virtuous cycle of good will may spring forth, continuing to inspire others, well beyond the many he did touch with a neighbourly good deed of simply being a friend in need.

Below: Image from Mayor Gale Katchur‘s Facebook post about the Saturday recognition ceremony at North Central Co-Op.

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