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Man Sentenced in Historic Edmonton Rape Case

A man has been sentenced to three years in prison for rape and robbery connected to an attack in 1981.

The victim claimed that the man, 70-year-old John Beausoleil, attacked her in her condo’s parkade on September 17, 1981.

The woman told police that she was raped and that the suspect stole her purse. Police investigated the incident, but it remained unsolved for decades before it was reopened in 2018.

A cutting of the dress that was stained with semen turned up a DNA match to Beausoleil, with his DNA being added to a police database.

According to police, Beausoleil was also convicted for sexual assault in 2001.

On top of the 3 years of prison, Beausoleil must supply a DNA sample and will be registered as a sex offender. He will also be prohibited from owning weapons once he’s released.

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