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Edmonton police warn public about release of violent sex offender

Edmonton Police Service (EPS) is warning the public about the release of Ryan White, a convicted violent sexual offender.

White is known to be violent in the past, harming his victims in several offences. He has also physically and sexually victimized female adults, including sex workers.

He was also convicted for assaulting a female toddler.

White will be living in Edmonton after his release, with EPS believing that he will commit another offence while in the community.

He has been placed in a series of conditions, including:

  • He must abide by a curfew of 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily unless a varied time is approved in writing by his supervisor.
  • If granted approval to travel out of the City of Edmonton, he must provide his supervisor the purpose of travel, the full address of his intended temporary residence, and the departure and return dates prior to travelling.
  • He shall wear an electronic monitoring device.
  • He is not to attend areas where sex workers are known to be solicited.
  • He shall not consume or possess any drugs, excluding cannabis.
  • Prior to entering into any personal, sexual, or intimate relationship, cohabitation, marriage or common-law relationship with any female, he must identify the individual to his supervisor and shall disclose his criminal history to the female.

EPS asks that anyone with information about White breaching conditions to call 780-423-4567.

Ryan White.