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Alberta looking to make significant changes to transgender legislation

The provincial government is looking to make some changes to transgender legislation in Alberta.

Premier Danielle Smith announced on Wednesday (Jan. 31) that the province will begin working to mandate parental consent for students 15 and under who wish to change their name or pronouns at school.

As for students aged 16 and 17, they will not need parental consent, but their parents will be notified regardless.

Smith announced this change on Twitter alongside other changes involving trans sports and reassignment surgery.

Gender reassignment surgery may also be banned for anyone age 17 and under, regardless of parental consent. Hormone therapy may also be banned for anyone under 16. Parents will also now need to opt in for their students to be taught gender or sexual orientation at school.

The Alberta government will also be working alongside sport organizations to ensure that transgender female athletes can’t compete in women’s sports.

“One of the greatest responsibilities we as parents, teachers and community leaders have is to preserve for our children the right to grow and develop into mature adults so that they are better prepared to make the most impactful decisions affecting their lives,” said Smith in the video posted to Twitter.

Danielle Smith.
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