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Epcor meeting with Edmonton’s Utility Committee on water ban

Epcor will be meeting with Edmonton’s Utility Committee to give an overview on the circumstances surrounding the recent water ban.

The ban began on Monday after an electrical failure at the E.L Smith Water Treatment Plant. The ban is expected to last until Sunday.

Although most businesses have complied with the ban, some have disregarded it, with Epcor saying they have the authority to enforce the ban through cutting off water services. 

However, Epcor still maintains all water services throughout the area and are instead asking residents and businesses to cut back on non-essential water use. Some ways to lower use include:

· Taking short five-minute showers
· Not washing vehicles.
· Postponing laundry and dish washing.
· Not flooding outdoor rinks.
· Waiting to fill hot tubs, pools or large aquariums.
· Turning off taps while shaving and brushing your teeth.
· Flushing toilets only when necessary.

According to committee chair Tim Cartmell, Epcor will need to show the committee how they’ll prevent a similar accident from happening in the future.

An Epcor representative will be attending the meeting alongside the Utility Committee on March 4.

Jasper wildfire. courtesy of yegwave and yycwave on Instagram

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