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Arctic front hits Canada, dropping temperatures

Temperatures are expecting to drop across the entire country, with some places even experiencing extreme cold.

This comes as an arctic front approach the county, bringing temperatures near -50 C with the windchill in northern Quebec.

Also out east, in Newfoundland and Labrador, they’re expecting between 10 to 22 millimetres of ice buildup from freezing rain.

In places like Nova Scotia, they’re expecting rain on top of winds near 80 km/h.

Out in British Columbia, they’re expecting some heavy snow that may shift into rain towards the start of the weekend.

However, it doesn’t appear that Alberta and the prairie provinces will be heavily effected, besides temperatures dropping back into the negatives.

Our forecast shows Monday with a daytime high of -14 C, with a nighttime low of -24 C.

You can keep up to date with local weather by visiting our forecast page here.