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Sherwood Park teacher nominated for Edwin Parr award

Alexis Kotronis, a Grade 6 teacher at Davidson Creek Elementary in Sherwood Park, has been nominated for the Edwin Parr award by Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS).

The Edwin Parr award is for teachers who show excellence in their first year of teaching, and Kotronis is no exception. So far she has helped with tons of student programs in her school.

“I start off the year building a relationship with every student in my class. I learn what subjects they’re most comfortable with and what their interests are. I also create a foundation of respect between myself and the class while helping them foster this between each other. I want everyone to feel safe, supported and know they belong,” said Kotronis.

Kotronis has helped run the badminton club at Davidson Creek while also organizing a basketball tournament for six schools in the area.

Kotronis is also in charge of Davidson Creek’s AMA Safety Patrol, which helps kids cross the road before and after school.

“Seeing students take on the responsibility of keeping their peers safe is fantastic. It’s a motivation booster for them and it’s been another way for me to get to know students. My comfort zone is athletics, so getting to lead this has been a welcome change of pace.”

Kotronis also incorporates First Nations perspectives into her classroom through activities such as sharing circles, and by honouring the culture and history of Indigenous People.

“I want to help students, the way my teachers helped me,” adds Kotronis. “They made me want to show up every day and left a positive and lasting impact on my life. I’m so grateful for this nomination and can’t wait to continue growing and improving as a teacher.”

Alexis Kotronis.