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Millers Ice Cream opens for the season

Millers Ice Cream in Fort Saskatchewan opened its doors for the season over the weekend.

The store had its official opening on April 20 at their location at CN Station on 99 Avenue. Hundreds made it out to enjoy a cold snack at Fort Saskatchewan’s famous ice cream stand.

Millers has been running for almost 40 years now, originally being run by Erwin and Neva Miller, before the shop went through several hands, eventually being owned by the Legate family, who run it to this day.

The shop opening was also for a good cause, as they were also accepting donations to the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank during their opening day.

There are also some new additions at Millers this year, including some new flavours, such as Banana Split, Sour Cherry, and a chunkless version of Bubblegum, one of its most popular flavours.

Millers was originally operated out of a location on 102 Street but was moved to CN Station in 2020.

Millers Ice Cream
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