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Strathcona County lifting spring road bans

Starting on Friday, the Spring Road Bans will be lifted in Strathcona County.

The bans, which were put in place earlier this year, will be lifted on Friday.

These seasonal road buns are declared during the spring thaw to protect the county’s roads, with the road ban typically lasting between March and June.

These bans apply mainly to larger vehicles like semi trucks, as heavy vehicles on a thawing road can cause signifcant damages over time.

Despite the ban ending, there are still roads in Sherwood Park that are banned all year round for semi-trucks, such as all residential neighbourhood streets in the hamlet.

After the spring road bans are ended, the posted axle weight will return to 90 per cent. During the bans, it’s dropped to 75 per cent.

Posted axle weights are the weight restrictions for vehicles to protect infrastructure from damage.

You can see all streets with road bans by visiting the Strathcona County website.

Strathcona County sign.