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Wildfire smoke on Highway 15
Sherwood Park/Strathcona

Holy Smokes! It’s hot with terrible air quality!

Not the best day to go outside for fresh air. You won’t find it around here. Wildfire smoke today (is that seriously a “weather condition” like sunny or cloudy now?!) with a humidex of 39, UV index high at 7.

Smoky Watertower.

Return of the smoke

It is looking a little smoky out there as it is one pretty challenging wildfire season so far. Today we will have a high of 34° at 4 PM and

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Car in Snow.

Car thefts in Canada decrease

Auto thefts in Canada have shown a notable decrease of 17 percent compared to last year, according to a recent report by Equite Association. In the first half of 2024,

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These low 30’s aren’t solo

Today is the day we get back some temperature like last week. This evening will be around 16° and partly sunny remaining partly cloudy overnight. Edmonton has activated their extreme

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You have officially reached the end of the universe. Congratulations!