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27 energy drink brands recalled in Canada

A total of 27 energy drink brands are being recalled in Canada.

According to a notice issued by Health Canada, these brands have drinks that may be considered unsafe due to caffeine content.

High levels of caffeine can pose health risks to children, those who are pregnant and breastfeeding, and those who are sensitive to the drug. Caffeine can be known to cause insomnia, irritability, and other health effects.

Brands included in this recall are 5 Hour, C4, G FUEL, 3D Alphaland, and Monster. Health Canada is advising stores to not sell these products and asking residents not to consume them.

Another reason for the recall involves bilingual labelling requirements, which require all products in Canada to have both French and English spelling.

You can see a list of the recalled drinks on the government of Canada’s recalls and safety alerts website.

Recalled energy drinks.
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