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Fort Saskatchewan expecting increase in hydrogen blending project

The hydrogen blending project is looking to replace natural gas in Fort Saskatchewan homes later this year.

Since 2022, the hydrogen blending project has been blending small amounts of hydrogen in residents natural gas feed.

However, the project has had a slow start. Out of the 2,100 homes involved in the project, some have been getting five per cent hydrogen, while others have been getting none at all.

This should be changing as ATCO completes work on their hydrogen generator at their Gate 5 Station in the Eastgate business park.

The Gate 5 Station will be testing 100 per cent hydrogen heating and other hydrogen technologies. In fact, one of the buildings at the station will be converted into using purely hydrogen for heating.

If the project becomes a success, ATCO hopes to bring this hydrogen heating to the proposed Bremner neighbourhood north of Sherwood Park.

Hydrogen can be burned to provide energy without emitting carbon, which makes it more emission friendly than other forms of energy, such as coal.

ATCO gas in Fort Saskatchewan.
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