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Alberta won’t be raising its minimum wage

The province won’t be raising its minimum age anytime soon.

Over the weekend, six provinces raised their minimum wages, but the Alberta government has said they have no plans to adjust theirs.

Saskatchewan raised its minimum wage to $14, while Nova Scotia, P.E.I, Newfoundland and Labrador raised theirs to $15; Manitoba to $15.30; and Ontario to $16.55.

As for Alberta, they haven’t raised their minimum wage from $15 since 2018.

The president of the Alberta Federation of Labour, says that the province should increase the minimum wage to keep up with inflation, saying that the wage should be closer to $17.70 an hour.

However, a spokesperson for the ministry of jobs and trade spoke about how the province doesn’t have plans to raise the minimum wage, stating that maintaining the current minimum wage gives employees stability during a time of labour shortages.

Saskatchewan has the lowest minimum wage in the country, while the Yukon has the highest at $16.77 an hour.

Loads of money.