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Strathcona County schools celebrate Alberta Francophonie Month

It’s Alberta Francophonie Month, and Elk Island Public Schools division is putting together tons of activities for the students.

To celebrate the month there will be lesson plans and winter carnivals to showcase francophone culture. These carnivals are based off the Carnaval de Quebec.

The carnivals feature sleigh rides, sled races, ice sculpting, and the Bonhomme Carnaval mascot. To top it all of there will also be traditional French-Canadian dishes like tire d’érable – hot maple syrup drizzled and hardened over snow.

“The purpose of French Immersion is not only to have the students practice speaking, writing and interacting in French,” said Li Ayuen, a Grade 6 teacher at École Parc Élémentaire. “We also strive to immerse them in francophone cultures, so they continue to learn and develop a more profound understanding of ‘La Francophonie.’ In learning more about the history and cultures related to the French language, students better engage in their learning and gain a deeper appreciation for French that will last the rest of their lives.”

These schools will also be taking part in International Francophonie Day, which celebrated the french language and francophone culture.

There are six French Immersion schools in the area that are under the EIPS division – Ardrossan Elementary, Ardrossan Junior Senior High, École Campbelltown, École Parc Élémentaire, Heritage Hills Elementary and Sherwood Heights Junior High.

You can learn more about Francophone heritage in Alberta by visiting the province’s website.

Students at Ardrossan Elementary enjoy the festivities with the Bonhomme Carnaval mascot at the school’s Winter Carnaval.

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